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Venezia by Carlotta Manaigo

Venezia by Carlotta Manaigo


The rise of Rome from the mythically small beginnings, to dominion over the whole Mediterranean world was viewed by the Romans as being divinely ordained.

The qualities on which the Romans prided themselves - piety, fidelity, and Virtus (courage, ability, strength and excellence) were what made the Roman empire invincible. 

Rome was the heir of many ancient Middle Eastern and Mediterranean civilizations including: the Egyptian, Greek, and Babylonian empires, absorbing and propagating their cultures, while adding its own elements to make a unique and powerful civilization. 

When the Roman empire fell it left many architectural and engineering feats, aqueducts, arches, and roads. 

Rome created the idea of a universal state. This has made Rome an unrivalled cultural and political superpower that continues to inspire and influence the world long after its fall. 

Poseidon.Bronze. 460s B.C.Athens, National Archaeological Museum.

Bronze. 460s B.C.
Athens, National Archaeological Museum.