"Men are natural warriors, but a woman in battle is truly bloodthirsty."
Old Scottish saying (via ancient-serpent)


Jeweled Bracelet (one of pair)
6th–7th century, Made in, probably Constantinople. Byzantine. Gold, silver, pearls, amethyst, sapphire, glass & quartz.

These elaborately decorated bracelets have richly jeweled exteriors and finely detailed opus interrasile (openwork) patterns on their interiors. The luminous beauty of pearls was highly prized in the Byzantine world. These bracelets are only two of thirty-four pieces of gold jewelry from Egypt said to have been found near Lycopolis (now Assiut) or Antinoopolis (Antinoe, now Sheik Ibada) in Egypt at the turn of the century. Whether discovered together, or later assembled, they represent the standard of luxury common among the elite in Egypt during the period of Byzantine rule and the close connections between the wealthy province and the capital in Constantinople. Multicolored, or polychrome, jewelry was very popular in the Early Byzantine world. | THE MET

"You’ve never seen a naked woman before?"
"Not one that’s mine."

So is everybody still breathing after THAT episode of ‘Outlander’?

That was one hot, sexy episode. Sam and Caitriona were amazing, and their chemistry was palpable. We got pretty damn lucky with the casting, that’s for sure. ;) 


DANY TABET Couture 2015